The EcoDesign regulation


The objective of Energy Labelling is to give clear, easy-to-understand label information on the product energy efficiency, and classify products according to their level of efficiency (from G to A), with an overall effect of pulling the market towards more energy efficient products. Products marketed prior to March 2021 are not affected.

The Label

Each new refrigerating appliance will be supplied with a printed label gathering energy related information

EcoDesign regulation

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The implementation of the EcoDesign directive for “refrigerated display cabinets with a direct sales function”was adopted by the European Union Commission in October 2019. The application date for the requirements is the 1st of March 2021. The directive applies to newly produced refrigerated cabinets only – the systems, racks and condensing units are covered by other regulations. The compliance is declared by the manufacturer with the declaration of conformity and with providing technical data to a European database called EPREL and the CE-mark. A verification procedure will be applied by the member states.

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